1.9.0 Update

Guns of Glory 1.9.0 Update What´s new in the Guns of Glory update: - Ultimate Alliance Campaign will bring you a brand new gaming experience! You can sign up through the Event Center when it's available. - Castle Levels 36 - 40 are available! Let's see who will be the first to reach level 40! - Royal Rogues, Charging Cossacks, Battlefield Elites and Wall...

World Tournament

King of Avalon World Tournament The mighty KoA World Tournament is about to open! 527 alliances with members from 36 countries and spread into 125 groups will battle for fame, rewards & glory. If your alliance hasn't successfully registered, don't be discouraged; not only can you cheer on and support your favourite kingdom, but also witness epic battles! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK7k6nEbG7U Which alliance will lift the...

Lords Mobile: Lords Cup

Lords Mobile - Lords Cup Hope you guys are warmed up for the Lords Cup, aim for the Darknests and Wonders! The Lords Cup is coming online in our upcoming update, and we have something special for you on our YouTube channel! We're giving you a first look at this event and explaining some basic rules, FOLLOW our YouTube and stay...

Online Game Bot – Auto Farming Software

Online Game Bot
An online game bot is software that performs automatic functions without the users actions.  This process is called Auto Farming and has become extremely popular in a world where mobile games are requiring micro payments to be competitive. Our online game bot platform is called GnBots (Goodnight Bots) and allows auto farming on a bunch of different games.  KingsBot (Clash of...