Increase Emulator Performance

If your Emulator seems slow, sluggish or isn’t working correctly, you may need to perform the following updates and checks.

1. Enable virtualization (VT) on your PC
This is one of the most important settings to adjust when your Bluestacks doesn’t start or has a slow performance.

2. Set Bluestack’s processes to a higher priority
Hit “Ctrl+Alt+Del” to open your Task Manager. Then Click on “Details



Right Click on Bluestacks.exe -> Set priority -> High



3. Give Bluestacks more RAM and more CPU-Cores

Start Bluestacks and on the right upper corner click on the “Down Arrow

Then Select “Settings

Under the “Engine” Tab you should select as many cores as available and set the memory to the maximum.

*Note: If you still suffer with bad performance you can try to switch the graphics mode from DirectX to OpenGL or the other way around
4. Update your graphic card drivers
Check the Website from your graphics card manufacture i.e Nvidia, ATI, AMD or whatever if there are new drivers that need updated.