Using the GnLauncher

This tutorial will take you through the process of downloading the GnLauncher, unzipping, installing and entering in a license key or free trial.  If you need any help, please create a topic in our support forum and the developers will be happy to assist you.


1. Select the bot you wish to download – Select Your Game Bot

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and login – Click “Download Now”

3. Open “” and extract the entire folder onto your desktop
WinRar or WinZip is needed to extract the files. You cannot run the bot while zipped

4. Right Click “GNLauncher.exe” and select “Run as Administrator”
– Ensure you do this step every time you wish to run the bot

5. Select the game you wish to play by clicking the proper bot icon

6.  Enter your license key bought from our site and click “Register”
– You can also start your 1 hour per day free trial by clicking “Activate Free Trial”
– If you ever need to get back to this dialog, simply Right Click the bot icon.

7. Your bot should now be visible and ready for use.

8. Select actions and Click “+” to add functions for the bot to perform. Each farm should have “Account” as the first action and “Wait” as the last action.  The bot will go down the list performing each action as you have selected them. Upon reaching the next “Account” action, it will switch to your inputted “InstanceID” (Android_1) and start performing the inputted functions you have selected.