Auto farming with a Clash of Queens bot is the fastest way to earn Wood, Food, and Iron. Our strategy involves creating multiple "Mini Farm Accounts" that earn resources for your main account. With this simple method, maxing your Clash of Queens castle is easy!.

QueensBot is the Clash of Queens Bot that has allowed players to dominate the game for years. We integrated this English version so that players from all regions can enjoy the same automated game play.

  • Auto Gather Wood, Food & Iron
  • Have your shield activated after an attack
  • Wounded troops are healed immediately
  • Ensures your buildings are always upgrading
  • Always have troops training and ready for marching
  • Have your earned resources collected and stored
  • Auto wishing, explore guilds, help alliance & more!



Auto Gather Resources

Auto Gathering Resources with a Clash of Queens bot is one of the quickest way to max your castle. This process involves creating multiple “Mini Farm Accounts” and putting them to work for your main account. Each Mini Account will always gather food, wood, and iron automatically as you choose. When you are ready, attack your Mini Accounts with your main account to collect the free resources!

Auto Upgrade Buildings

This Clash of Queens bot includes the Auto Upgrade Buildings feature which ensures you grow as you earn resources. Your "Mini Farm Accounts” will continue to build in strength as you use the bot. The higher your accounts get; the more resources you will be able to earn per day!

Auto Activate Shield

Auto Activating your Shield and Auto Fixing your walls saves time and resources! This Clash of Queens bot will not only repair your walls after an attack, but it can activate your shield and extinguish the fires for you as well. This feature ensures that your Mini Accounts are always protected and your resources remain safe.

Auto Train Troops

Auto Train Troops is a must have for any good Clash of Queens Bot. QueensBot allows you to choose which level of troops to train and what you would like them to gather. You will always have an army ready for your next march!

Auto Collect Resources

Auto Collecting Resources with a Clash of Queens bot allows you to relax. Your resources will always be collected and ready for your next building upgrade. This strategy keeps your Mini Farm Accounts active and growing as you use the software.

Auto Heal Wounded

The Auto Healing Wounded Troops feature is one of our Clash of Queens bot favorites. Ensuring your troops are not lost after a battle is crucial when it comes to saving resources. Auto Heal will keep your hospitals empty and prepared for any future attacks!

Auto Help

Auto helping your alliance will help protect them from potential attackers. This Clash of Queens bot will keep your alliance castle safe by ensuring they are always ready with reinforcement troops when needed!

Extra Features

This Clash of Queens bot has a ton of optional features including; Auto Explore Guild, Auto Sign in, Auto Alliance Wage, and more. We invite you to try out the free trial for a full list of amazing extras!

This software must be downloaded and operated on a Windows 7+ computer. QueensBot will not work on a mobile device or MAC.

All users have completely free access to our software. You can use QueensBot six times per day for 1 hour at a time.

Please join our community in the forum. Here you can ask questions, get help, and speak with other users who are currently using the software.

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Please remember that this is an Auto Function Bot that performs automatic movements without the users actions. (When the bot is playing for you without you actually moving the mouse: Auto Gather, Auto Collect etc.)

Some anti-viruses detect Auto Function software as potentially malicious as trojans often use similar technology for harmful purposes. This software is safe, however you may need to disable your anti virus / firewall / internet security for QueensBot to download and work correctly.

We take the security of our users very seriously. This software has been independently tested by several security analysts and found to be completely safe and malware free. If your security finds it malicious and you do not feel comfortable with steps listed above, please do not download the software.

  • Quality Checked
  • No Survey
  • Malware Free
  • No Ads
  • Easy Download
  • 100% Safe

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