Latest Release

- New feature: Minimum needed clan castle troops, minimum needed clan castle spells
- Improved Babyloon algorithm (Multiple possibly deploypoints for Heroes and Wallbreakers)
- Fixed: Minions wouldn't deploy for everyone
- Updated Humanbarch & Darkdragon deploy
- Added: Option to filter level 8 air defenses (avoid strong base module)
- Added: Definition for level 9 air defenses
- Attack API feature: Added "IsForcedAttack" property to opponents
- Minor improvements and bugfixes for a more reliable botting experience

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Installing MEmu Emulator


In order to run Clash of Clans on your computer we need an Emulator which emulates Android. You can chose between BlueStacks 1, BlueStacks 2 or MEmu. We recommend to you MEmu as it seems to be the most reliable emulator. Check out the video to watch how to install MEmu.


Download each of the required items below before getting started.

Make sure you have our latest version as it will always be the most stable.

Make sure you use the MEmu emulator as it seems to deliver better results.



  • When you are done installing MEmu, you need to install the Clash of Clans app on the emulator. In order to install Clash of Clans you simply need to click the Google Play Store icon inside of the emulator. There you can search for Clash of Clans. Install the game, return to the home screen and launch it afterwards so that you can link your Clash of Clans account to it.

  • Android Users: Simply add your google account.
  • IOS / Apple Users: View Linking Tutorial

  • These steps are shown in the video. Watch in Full Screen 1080p HD!



  • 1. Download the latest version of ClashAuto | Download Now
  • 2. Extract CLASHAUTO.rar to your PC | Download WinRar
  • 3. Open the CLASHAUTO folder
  • 4. Right click the "CLASHAUTO.exe" file
  • 5. Click "Run as administrator"


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