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We make it easy for you to run your bots from any device. Windows PC users can download the PC version and run directly from their computer. The Bot Server version allows you to connect with any device, including mobile!

It's up to you to choose which version to use. All are the same bot with the same amazing auto features!

  • Available on Android Devices
  • Available on iOS Devices
  • Available on MAC & PC
  • Manage Unlimited Accounts
  • Safe, Fast & Efficient
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Over 1 MILLION Users

PC Version.

The PC version requires you to download the bot and install MEmu on your Windows PC yourself. It has a 2 day free trial and requires a license key for unlimited 24/7 access. Ensure you test the free trial on your computer for functionality.

Bot Server.

The Bot Server runs online and requires no installation. This comes with everything preinstalled and can be managed from your phone, tablet or computer. It has a 24 hour money back guarantee and includes the bot unlimited access license key.

Which to Choose.

The Bot Server is the best choice for most as its easier to get started and can be ran from your phone. However, its more expensive so the PC version is the choice for those tech savvy PC users that are comfortable with downloads and install.

Want Us to Do Everything For You Instead?

We Setup Your Accounts and Run the Bots for You. No Downloads. No Installs. Fast & Easy. Farm For Me
Bot Server
This Bot Server version runs completely online and works on all devices. No downloading or installing required. It comes with a 24hr money back guarantee.
PC Version
This PC Version runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 computers only. Comes with a 1.5hr per day free trial. This version will not work on a mobile device or MAC.
The Process
You can download and try the PC verson at any time completely free. Bot Servers must be setup after purchase but come with an easy 24 hour money back guarantee.
The Cost
Pricing ranges from $50 per month for PC Version to $100 per month for Bot Servers. You can choose additional addons at checkout which include complete setup and running of your bots.

Bot Server Version

  • Difficulty
  • Pricing
  • Delivery
  • Performance
  • Reliability

Includes All of These Mobile Games

Lords Mobile Bot

Battle in a world of chaos, the latest real-time strategy game from IGG.

King of Avalon Bot

King Arthurs death left an empty throne. Raise your dragon and build your army.

Clash of Kings Bot

Conquer kingdoms and villages in Cok, a great RTS RPG multiplayer war game.

Guns of Glory Bot

Thrilling game lets you raise your own powerful army to shoot down enemies.

War and Order Bot

Orcs, elves, and mages are yours to command in a 3D medieval game world.

Last Shelter Bot

Join the struggle of players around the world in the zombie infested wasteland.

Z Day Hearts Bot

In this new world, evil forces conquer humanity, and none dare oppose them.

Mafia City Bot

Mafia underworld strategy mobile game, play with millions of players worldwide.

Rise of Kings Bot

Conquer kingdoms and villages in Cok, a great RTS RPG multiplayer war game.

Iron Throne Bot

Build your castle, raise an army, lead heroes into epic wars against players.

Battle Warship Bot

Become an admiral of invincible navy fleets in this strategy game.

Rise Civilizations Bot

Will you rise up and launch epic wars or conquer the entire world?


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