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 #8431  by Webmaster
 Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:56 pm

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1. Fixed the "cannot transfer due to the plane" issue. StrikeBot will now wait a bit and check twice.
2. Max transfer number can now be set to 40.
3. Improved gathering alliance gift.

Fixed transfer issue with latest game update.

1. Fixed the transfer interval issue.
2. Added option to set transfer times before gathering.

1. You can NOT Transfer Resources without having Gathering boxes checked - Please alter so you can transfer resources WITHOUT having to have gathering enabled - for some reason these are linked.

2. If you don't enable Gathering then the bot will not do anything apart from cycle the accounts - I can show you this on TeamViewer.

3. Please add COINS as an Resource to be able to transfer - urgent and important!

4. When transferring resources it only sends 1 plane a time, then waits... - rather than ALL planes that you have selected at the same time.
[fixed, please select planes number for transfer resource]

5. Number of planes to transfer should be customisable for each account - rather than in global setting.
[fixed, please select planes number for transfer resource]

6. Planes do not get send FULL - they are always nearly full
[check latest one]

7. Missions - only complete one at a time - can ALL the available missions be completed for each account?

8. Shooting range does not shoot - check that it clears the crate after 10 shots please :)
[Add function to get reward box while shooting, note if no free shoot, it will end shooting]

9. Autogather for coins is labelled 'gold' rather than 'Coins'

10. gold vault still trying to upgrade.
[It just try upgrade this one, it will not upgrade it, not a big deal]

11. wont que troops if you're below the amount of resources. (suggest a set amount to train in each account tab) increments of 100,500,1000.
[Resource not match to train troops, please wait for resource ready to train troops]

12. Pause timer on sending resources so it will only send 1 time every 30 mins. every time the account logs it starts over and sends resources. This is causing lack of resources for troop building.

13. need a sleep timer on the bot in general, the bot needs to sleep for 15 mins every 3-4 hours to prevent being banned.
[Add new function anti-ban]

14. Build Bug as per VacSapo post: http://imgur.com/a/FFFSc

15. Bot writes a [ instead of a + when inputting email addresses."
[Please change system locale to eng, and change keyboard input method and find a right mapping one to input +]

1. Added auto gather coins
2. Add stats for coins gathered.
3. Optimized the transfer of RSS (each account can auto transfer now)

1. Added gather alliance gift.
2. Fixed the transfer rss bug.(Your accounts must have trading buildings)
3. Brought back the unlimited accounts in Luxury version.(You must edit the account info in the TXT File)
4. Fixed upgrading buildings bug

v1.7 - 1.8
Stability changes & minor bug fixes

1. Added auto transfer rss.
2. Added auto clicking "free " when build a building.
3. Added "gathering with commander"

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