King of Avalon Bot

King of Avalon is a game where you battle to build an empire, become King and take control of a kingdom! Like many base building fight games, you must grow to survive! That's not so easy in a game that the Chinese have dominated for years.

Luckily for you, KoAbot is here to help. Players using this King of Avalon bot are making over 18 Million resources per day. That includes Wood, Food, Silver, and Iron!

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King of Avalon Bot 2017

Auto Gather Resources

Auto Gathering Resources with a King of Avalon bot is one of the quickest way to max your castle. This process involves creating multiple “Mini Farm Accounts” and putting them to work for your main account. Each Mini Account will always gather food, wood, iron and silver automatically as you choose. When you are ready, attack your Mini Accounts with your main account to collect the free resources!

Auto Upgrade Buildings

This King of Avalon bot includes the Auto Upgrade Buildings feature which ensures you grow as you earn resources. Your "Mini Farm Accounts” will continue to build in strength as you use the bot. The higher your accounts get; the more resources you will be able to earn per day!

Auto Activate Shield

Auto Shield will protect your account which saves you time and resources! This King of Avalon bot can detect incoming attacks and shield you before the troops arrive. You can also choose to shield during specific hours or to have your castle always shielded.

Auto Train Troops

(Not yet available in v9.0 - Coming Soon.) Auto Train Troops is a must have for any good King of Avalon Bot. KoAbot allows you to choose which level of troops to train and what you would like them to gather. You will always have an army ready for your next march!

Auto Collect Resources

Auto Collecting Resources with a King of Avalon bot allows you to relax. Your resources will always be collected and ready for your next building upgrade. This strategy keeps your Mini Farm Accounts active and growing as you use the software.

Auto Heal Wounded

(Not yet available in v9.0 - Coming Soon.) The Auto Healing Wounded Troops feature is one of our King of Avalon bot favorites. Ensuring your troops are not lost after a battle is crucial when it comes to saving resources. Auto Heal will keep your hospitals empty and prepared for any future attacks!

Auto Request Reinforcements

(Not yet available in v9.0 - Coming Soon.) Auto Requesting Reinforcement Troops from your alliance will help protect you from attackers. This King of Avalon bot will keep your resources safe by ensuring you are always ready with reinforcement troops when needed!

Extra Features

(Not yet available in v9.0 - Coming Soon.) This King of Avalon bot has a ton of optional features including; Auto Research, Auto Produce Materials, Auto Wishing, Get Daily Rewards, Collect Goods, Extinguish Castle Fire, Hire Builders and more. We invite you to try out the free trial for a full list of amazing extras!

Windows 7+ computers only. Comes with a 1.5hr per day free trial. This version will not work on a mobile device or MAC.

This version has a 24h money back guarantee and works on all devices. No downloading or installing required.

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This King of Avalon Bot is called KoAbot. It automatically plays for you while you are away, sleeping or busy. KoAbot is by far the fastest way to earn Wood, Food, Iron & Silver. This auto farm bot will make millions of resources for your account every day!


KoAbot is an Auto Farm Bot for King of Avalon that performs automatic functions for you while running. We offer two different methods for you to choose from below.

PC VERSION: This requires you to download and install KoAbot on your Windows PC. This version is harder to get started, but runs faster once it's setup. It has a free trial but requires a license Key for unlimited 24/7 access. We recommend all computer users choose this option.

CLOUD VERSION: This is a Cloud PC that does not require you to install anything. This version is easier to get started, but runs slower than the PC Version. You can use this from your phone, tablet or computer. It has a 24 hour money back guarantee and does not require a License Key.

  • 100% Free Trial
  • Windows PC Required
  • Faster - Requires Install
  • Uses License Keys
  • $35 USD Per Month
  • 24h Money Back Guarantee
  • Android, iOS, Mac & PC
  • Slower - No Install Required
  • No License Keys Required
  • $50 USD Per Month


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