Auto farming in Last Empire-War Z is a quick way to max your castle. This strategy involves creating multiple "Mini Farm Accounts" that earn resources for your main account. With this simple method, earning millions of fuel and food per day is easy.

This is the Last Empire-War Z Bot that has allowed Chinese players to dominate the game for years. We integrated this English version so that players from all regions can enjoy the same automated game play.

  • Auto Gather Food, Oil, Steal & Alloy
  • Have your walls fixed after an attack
  • Wounded troops are healed immediately
  • Ensures your buildings are always upgrading
  • Always have troops training and ready for marching
  • Have your earned resources collected and stored
  • Auto research, Get rewards, Request Help & more!



Auto Gather Resources

Build multiple "mini farm" accounts and set WarZBot to auto gather resources on each of them. You can choose to Gather Food, Oil, Steal & Alloy. Simply attack each "mini farm" with your main account when you want to collect the resources!

Auto Upgrade Buildings

Automatically upgrade your buildings as you farm resources. Your "mini farm" accounts will continue to grow as you use the bot!

Auto Fix Walls

Automatically fix your walls after you are attacked. Your resources will always be protected!

Auto Train Troops

Automatically train your Last Empire-War Z troops to ensure you are always able to gather resources!

Auto Collect Resources

Automatically collect your earned resources. These resources will be stored awaiting your auto building upgrades.

Auto Heal Wounded

WarZBot will automatically heal your wounded troops. They will be ready after every attack!

Auto Request Help

Never be without reinforcement troops again! Set it to auto request and ensure you are completely protected while you are away.

Extra Features

More features include Auto Research, Get Daily Rewards, and More!

This software must be downloaded and operated on a Windows 7+ computer. WarZBot will not work on a mobile device or MAC.

All users have completely free access to our software. You can use WarZBot six times per day for 1 hour at a time.

Please join our community in the forum. Here you can ask questions, get help, and speak with other users who are currently using the software.

Auto Farming

Please remember that this is an Auto Function Bot that performs automatic movements without the users actions. (When the bot is playing for you without you actually moving the mouse: Auto Gather, Auto Collect etc.)

Some anti-viruses detect Auto Function software as potentially malicious as trojans often use similar technology for harmful purposes. This software is safe, however you may need to disable your anti virus / firewall / internet security for WarZBot to download and work correctly.

We take the security of our users very seriously. This software has been independently tested by several security analysts and found to be completely safe and malware free. If your security finds it malicious and you do not feel comfortable with steps listed above, please do not download the software.

  • Quality Checked
  • No Survey
  • Malware Free
  • No Ads
  • Easy Download
  • 100% Safe

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