Lords Mobile Auto Bot

Lords Mobile is a strategy game where you build up your empire, collect exotic Heroes, train your troops, and battle your way to the top. In this dog-eat-dog world, you must destroy all who stand in your way.

LordsBot is here to help you gain total domination. Players using this Lords Mobile Bot are making Millions of Wood, Food, Ore and Stone per day.
LordsBot saves you time and money!

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Auto Gather Resources

Build multiple "mini farm accounts" and set LordsBot to auto gather resources on each of them. You can choose to Gather Food, Wood, Ore & Stone. Simply attack each "mini farm" with your main account or transfer directly through your guild to collect the resources. We call this "Auto Gathering" and is fastest way to earn millions of resources for your main account.

Auto Shield

LordsBot can detect an attack on your castle and will immediately put up a shield if one is available for use. This ensures a single attacker cannot plunder your resources earned through Auto Gathering while you are away. This keeps your resources safe from multiple attacks back to back!

Auto Upgrade Buildings

Automatically upgrade your buildings when available as your accounts farm resources. Your "mini farm" accounts will continue to grow the more you use LordsBot. Auto Building will grow your Lords Mobile Castles which results in more resources the bot can farm in a day.

Auto Train Troops

LordsBot will automatically train your Lords Mobile troops so that you will always able to auto gather resources! This feature ensures your accounts are stocked up on the best troops available for auto gathering resources.

Auto Collect Boxes

This bot will automatically collect your Mystery Boxes to ensure you get the most awards possible. These mystery boxes appear every couple minutes and give rewards that help build your account. We save you the time and hassle of being online all day collecting them!

Auto Heal Wounded

LordsBot will automatically heal your wounded troops after an attack. This is a crucial feature as you need troops to be able to gather resources. Best used with the Auto Shield function, auto heal keeps your account moving in the right direction.

Auto Help Guild

Never let your guild be without help again! Set LordsBot to auto help and auto request help from your guild to ensure you are all progressing while you are away doing other things. This feature is great when multiple "Mini Farm Accounts" are in the same guild!

Auto Quest

LordsBot will collect and start new Admin, Guild and VIP Quests for your accounts! This ensures your accounts are always up to date with the latest tasks available. Using Auto Quest consistently will give your mini farm accounts some great rewards over time!

Windows 7+ computers only. Comes with a 1.5hr per day free trial. This version will not work on a mobile device or MAC.

This version has a 24h money back guarantee and works on all devices. No downloading or installing required.

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This Lords Mobile Bot is called LordsBot. It automatically plays for you while you are away, sleeping or busy. LordsBot is by far the fastest way to earn Wood, Food, Stone & Ore. This auto farm bot will make millions of resources for your account every day!


LordsBot is an Auto Farm Bot for Lords Mobile that performs automatic functions for you while running. We offer two different methods for you to choose from below.

PC VERSION: This requires you to download and install LordsBot on your Windows PC. This version is harder to get started, but runs faster once it's setup. It has a free trial but requires a license Key for unlimited 24/7 access. We recommend all computer users choose this option.

CLOUD VERSION: This is a Cloud PC that does not require you to install anything. This version is easier to get started, but runs slower than the PC Version. You can use this from your phone, tablet or computer. It has a 24 hour money back guarantee and does not require a License Key.

  • 100% Free Trial
  • Windows PC Required
  • Faster - Requires Install
  • Uses License Keys
  • $35 USD Per Month
  • 24h Money Back Guarantee
  • Android, iOS, Mac & PC
  • Slower - No Install Required
  • No License Keys Required
  • $50 USD Per Month


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