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Are Lords Mobile Cheats Real?

Short answer: Yes, they exist, although they might be a bit different than you would imagine. In this article we are going to discuss a bunch of different cheats, hacks and mods that really work, and some that dont. Hopefully by the end, you’ll be able to tell difference between a real lords mobile hack, and one designed to trick you into completing a survey.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." - David Meltzer

This is the quote I would challenge you to keep in mind as we talk about these lords mobile cheats. While there are legit hacks for this game, many found online are designed for one single purpose – to earn money from you. They are purposely designed knowing you want to hack the game, and trick you into completing a survey to do it.

So lets talk about a few of these different cheats...

Lords Mobile Unlimited Gem Hack

Of all the cheats I get asked about, this one is by far the most requested. I mean, can you blame them for wanting that? How awesome would it be if we could just enter our username, the amount of gold and gems we want, select android or ios and wallah, with a click of a button we have unlimited gems!

Lords Mobile Unlimited Gem Hack

Lords Mobile Unlimited Gem Hacks

As you may have guessed, these aren’t real. I know, it’s disappointing for sure. These are called “survey sites” that people put up in order to generate revenue from you completing surveys. You’ll find yourself in an endless loop and of course, gems are never rewarded. Here is an example of a fake Unlimited Gem Hack for Lords Mobile. Don't fill it out though!

Remember, if its too good to be true – it is! Why would these saints give away their real and working hacks if they had them? And for free!? How nice of them. The truth is that lords mobile is a server side game. This means that they host all of their data on the cloud. Nobody can hack into that to change gem values, and certainly not by clicking a single button.

In summary, as much as we wish unlimited gem hacks were real, they dont exist. So let's move on...

Lords Mobile Mods (APK or IPA)

The next type of lords mobile cheat we will discuss are the mods. Those are hacked (decrypted and changed) game files that you would download from somewhere other than the official iTunes or App store. We call these APKs (Android) or modded IPAs (iOS) “mods”. These mods usually require a jailbreak or rooted device to use.

Lords Mobile Mod APK Hack

Using Lords Mobile APK Hacks

If you were to mod lords mobile, the files themselves would let you do things like automatically open the chests or collect the rewards. Maybe even help all your other members in your guild, upgrade some buildings, get guild coins, auto research stuff, you get the point.

Sounds great right? Here’s the problem. Remember how we said everything is stored on their official cloud servers? By creating a mod, you would essentially need your own unofficial server to connect with. Any of the gems or resources you were to increase would not reflect on your official lords mobile account. (That data is stored on their official server, not yours.)

Are there lords mobile mods? Yes. The issue is that you are essentially creating a brand-new version of the game that nobody else will be playing. Not to mention the thousands of dollars you will be spending on your own cloud servers. You cannot create a lords mobile mod that changes data on their official servers.

Lords Mobile Auto Tools

You probably don't need me to tell you, but this is the cheat that is running wild in lords mobile. It seems everyone is using auto tools nowadays, and for now - its completely safe. A lords mobile auto tool is software that plays the game for you 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s impossible to detect because it clicks like a human does, as if you were sitting on your phone all day everyday sending out troops. To learn more about lords mobile auto tools, check out this article.

Lords Mobile Auto Farm Tools

Have you ever sent an attack, only to find the player somehow bubbled his castle before your troops arrived? That's called "Auto Shield" and is an auto farm tool feature. These tools allow players to manage and play hundreds of accounts at once. Of course, all of the earned resources go straight to their main account. Players using auto tools are known to make hundreds of millions of extra resources per day. It's a simple method and is by far the most used cheat / hack out there.

Lords Mobile Cheap Resources & Gem Sellers

There are players out there that will buy and sell resources, and even top up sellers that claim to provide cheap gems.  This gets a little risky as some are legit, and some are scammers.  My personal suggestion would be to use an auto tool if you are after resources. That's what these sellers use anyway and its much cheaper to just do it yourself.  If you are after cheaper gems, you'll need to find a reliable loader - and those are far and few between.

A gem top up or loader is someone who is able to give gems for cheaper than the game does.  But how do they have that capability?  They use hacked itunes cards and stolen credit cards.  This is why we would never suggest you use a lords mobile loader to get cheap gems.  If the game finds out you used a loader to top up your account on gems, they will certainly ban your account or debit you for the gems.  This is boarder line credit card fraud and should not be taken lightly.  It would be the same strategy of paying for gems with your credit card, and then calling your bank to cancel the transaction once the gems were given.  It's no bueno, and very risky. Stick to the safe cheats like playing on PC or auto tools.

Lords Mobile on PC

Another type of cheat is using a Windows computer and an Android Emulator to play lords mobile on PC. This cheat gives you the ability to play as many accounts as you want. Basically, you are using a android emulator that acts as your phone. Each “instance” you create, represents a new “phone”. Giving you the opportunity to create a new game each time.

Lords Mobile on PC

Playing Lords Mobile on PC

There are a few different emulators, such as MEmu, Bluestacks and Nox that you can use to play lords mobile on PC. If you plan on using an auto tool later to manage all of your accounts, be sure to check what emulator they require. This will save you some time in the future! While many players don’t see this cheat as a hack, its definitely frowned upon by the lords mobile developers.

Not like it matters though as bans are rare in this game, bringing us to our last topic...

Are Lords Mobile Hacks Safe?

Cheaters are in luck when it comes to IGG and Lords Mobile.  The developers really aren't interested in banning these hacks or cheats.  The only ones they are after are the gem loaders and resource sellers we mentioned above.  Those cheats directly affect their pocket book and they'll ban them in a heartbeat if they can.

Auto tools and Playing on PC are relatively safe as long as you are smart about it.  Don't go around bragging that you've found a lords mobile hack, or name all of your farm accounts "hack1" "hack2" "hack3" etc.  These cheats (as long as you are discreet) are perfectly fine to use.  Chinese players have been using them for years and look how strong they are!

My opinion is that the game creators know how many fake surveys and generators are out there, and simply assume you will give up after finding so many that aren't real.  Luckily for you, we have listed the available lords mobile hack, cheats & mods in this one easy article for you to browse.

Hopefully now you won't waste anymore time searching endlessly for these hidden lords mobile cheats.