Here are 5 reasons why our price is reasonable

It's More Than a Bot

Bot Servers are an extremely high-performance server. It's literally an online computer that you can connect to from any device. You don't need to buy a new $1,500 computer nor pay for the electric to run one all day. These servers would you cost you hundreds of dollars per month if you bought one yourself. We get a huge discount by buying them in bulk, so you save money!

But that's not all, keep reading!

It's Cheaper than in Game

With this bot, you can earn hundreds of millions of resources per day. That's billions and billions of resources per month. If you were to buy that same amount of resources in the game, how much would it cost you? You better be ready to pay them thousands of US dollars! Our bot is 1/10th of the price of in game packs. It's why so many players choose our bot over buying expensive resources from the game developers. You work hard for your money, so get the most for it!

You think we're expensive? Check in game prices.

Your Accounts Are Worth Money

Did you know that you can sell your game accounts online? Imagine if you had 100 of them! Every day millions of players quit the game and sell their accounts. A simple google search will give you endless platforms to sell from. This bot lets you build, play and manage unlimited accounts. Let's say you run 100 accounts for 1 month, then decide to sell the accounts. At $100 USD per small account, you just made $1,000 USD. Imagine what you'd get for 100 stronger accounts...

300 accounts at $100 a piece? That's some serious cash.

Your Time is Valuable

What is more valuable than money? Your TIME! To manage hundreds of accounts, imagine how much time you would need to spend in the game. You would have no life, no friends, nothing! This bot saves you time by playing all those accounts for you. You can still have fun playing on your main account, while all your others farm resources for it. Auto transfer those resources and watch your account grow faster than ever - with the same amount of time put into the game!

But wait... there's more!

We Never Stop Working

We aren't just a group of kids who decided to code a bot one day. We are a real company, with a full staff and development team. We have 24/7 live support where you can get help and ask questions, as well as weekly bot updates. It seems like every week these games release some holiday update, and our team is there pumping out our counter update within hours! Your hard-earned dollars ensure this bot is always functional and the best bot on the market. That's a guarantee!

So what are you waiting for!? Start auto farming today!

PC Version.

The PC version requires you to download the bot and install MEmu on your Windows PC yourself. It has a 2 day free trial and requires a license key for unlimited 24/7 access. Ensure you test the free trial on your computer for functionality.

Bot Server.

The Bot Server runs online and requires no installation. This comes with everything preinstalled and can be managed from your phone, tablet or computer. It has a 24 hour money back guarantee and includes the bot unlimited access license key.

Farm For Me.

The Farm for Me Service includes a Bot Server and we do everything for you. We setup MEmu, the Bot and run your accounts as you like. You get a dedicated 1 on 1 Accounts Manager that runs the bot on your accounts, or you can buy accounts from us.

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  • For Advanced Users
  • Available on Windows PC
  • Download Yourself
  • Install Files Yourself
  • Setup & Run Yourself


  • For Intermediate Users
  • Available on Mobile Devices
  • No Downloads Required
  • No Installs Required
  • Setup & Run Yourself
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  • For Beginner Users
  • Available for Everyone
  • No Downloads Required
  • No Installs Required
  • We Do Everything For You


  PC Version Bot Server Farm For Me
Full Access License Key
Includes Live Chat Support
Includes All Our Games
Includes Online Server
Run on iOS, Android, & Mac
Files Installed & Ready to Go
We Setup the Bot for You
We Run the Bot For You
Price $20+ $99 $125+