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The Best Rise of Empires Bot for Android, iOS, MAC and PC.

The Best Rise of Empires Bot for 2023

Auto Play Unlimited Game Accounts with this Rise of Empires Bot. Download Now Free!


Our Rise of Empires Bot is a safe & super powerful game bot that auto plays unlimited accounts. Our bot can run on Android, iOS, PC & MAC and includes features like auto train, build, gather, shield, and more. Download the Rise of Empires Bot today. Updated for 2023.

  • Run Unlimited Farm Accounts
  • Available on Android & iPhone
  • Available on Windows PC & MAC


You can download the Free Version of our Rise of Empires bot on your Windows PC, or sign up for the Mobile Version. Our bot runs on all Android and iPhone devices and we even have an Auto Farm Service where we can set up and run the bots for you if you need. We have a ton of auto play features built in to ensure your accounts are always running.

We update regularly and have hundreds of thousands of users running the bot at this very second. This is the best Rise of Empires bot on the market, but dont take our word for it.

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Whether you want to run one account, or hundreds of accounts, this Rise of Empires bot is for you. Imagine if you had time to play the game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without sleeping or taking a break. This bot doesn't forget to do daily tasks and ensures your farm accounts are always running.

Remember, this amount of farming per day would cost you a fortune if purchase in game. This Rise of Empires bot allows to you earn the same amount in game for a much lower cost. Grow unlimited accounts faster than ever using our bots advanced auto play features. You can add more accounts to your bot at any time, we don't charge extra! Start with one & increase to hundreds!

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Check Out What RoE Bot Can Do!
Actions Actions Actions
Switch IM30 Account Alliance Tech Alliance Gifts
Alliance Salary Alliance Store Auto Shield
Alliance Rewards Alliance Contribution Collect Productions
Blacksmith Materials CoP Buffs Gather Buffs
Construct Buildings Refill Charcoal CoP Event
Free Recruit Benefit Reward Quest Rewards
Collect Gold Explore Dragon Send Explorers
Farmers Guild Reign of Chaos Produce Frontline
Hunt Monsters Rally Giants Gather Resources
Heal Troops Mail Rewards N-Quest
Rapid Productions Train Troops Refill Tavern
Research Refill Dragonite Refill Crystals
Use Skills Trading House Upgrade Buildings
White Crow Multi Instance and more!

and much more!