How to Make Money with Us

Affiliates get 10% of the sale from every customer you refer to us for the life of the customer.  We bill customers on a recurring basis, so you get paid monthly until they cancel! We have Affiliates making thousands of dollars every month, and its super easy to get started.

We pay out immediately via PayPal.  There are no minimum requirements.  Scroll down to learn more.


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Become an Affiliate

First, you’ll need to Sign Up as an Affiliate above – Its free, fast and easy.

Once you sign up, your screen will look something like this:


Get Your Referral URL

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to get your Affiliate URL.

This is the website link you will use to send to your potential referrals.

When a visitor clicks this link, you will get credit for any checkout they perform thereafter.


Your Referral URL MUST BE from the SHOP.

This is any link that starts with  and ends with ?x=youraffiatename

My Affiliate name is Webmaster so my link would be:


What will NOT WORK (Because its not from the shop)

Additionally you can add a Campaign Name for better tracking.


Here are the most popular shop pages affiliates use: (good when advertising all products) (advertising PC version) (advertising bot servers)


There are a few optional tabs within the Affiliate Area, but the most important are Visits and Referrals.

These show who has visited, and which of them have purchased.


Affiliate Visits

Once a person clicks your link, they will show up under Visits.

This simply means someone clicked your Referral URL and you will now get credit if they buy.


Affiliate Referrals

Once a person completes a checkout, they will show up under Referrals.

You have now earned 10% of the sale.

Every month they are billed, it will show a new Referral to be paid out.


Affiliate Payouts

We send all payments immediately via PayPal.  There are no minimums or restrictions.

Once paid, the transaction will show under Payouts


How to Get Referrals

Generating referrals is easy, you just need to get people to click your link.

Once that happens, it doesn’t matter what they do next

If they start a checkout 5 days later, you still get paid.


Create a Website

One of the best ways is to create a website

Y could explain the bot, game, guides or anything else customers may be searching for. (Our top affiliates use this method)

There are a bunch of free website builders you can use to get started.

Just be sure to create valuable content that players are searching for and link to your Referral URL.


Create YouTube Videos

Another great way is to make videos to put on YouTube and insert your Referral URL in the description. (highest converting method).

It’s usually easier to rank on YouTube than it is on Google – just make sure you include keywords people look for.

“Running a Lords Mobile Bot” with a screenshare of your bot running would be a quick an easy example.


Share on Social Media or Groups

If you have friends, family or are in a community of other players – share your link!


Comment in Game

Be careful with this one as to not get banned for spamming.

Some players have found promoting in game to be the best way to reach customers.

Just remember, they can’t click your link directly from the game.  Be sure to have some sort of URL shortner linking to your Referral Link

For instance, you can use to link to your URL so its easy for them to type.


What NOT to Do

Don’t purchase using your own affiliate link.  You won’t get credit for that.

Don’t share your link anywhere we already have customers.

Dont Post / PM your link in our live chat, social medias, YouTube etc

This will terminate your Affiliate partnership and may even result in a banning of your account.  Please be respectful!

It’s that Easy!  Sign up as an Affiliate now and start sharing your link!