Alliance Gather

The Alliance Gather Action is used to gather from the alliance supermine.  It will use your inputted settings to send a march to your inputted coordinates.

There are many games using this Action.  While many of the games use the same values, your options may be different depending on the game you play.  Only use what is relevant and available for your game.


Editing Actions

Open the bot and click the Accounts Tab

Double click the Account or click Edit to adjust Actions


Editing Alliance Gather Action

Check the box to enable the action, then click baseAutoGather to edit options.


Start X  (X Coordinates)

Input X coordinates of your alliance supermine next to startx as shown in game.


Start Y (Y Coordinates)

Input Y coordinates of your alliance supermine next to starty as shown in game.



Check the box next to nearby if your alliance supermine is visible when first opening the world map.

Example:  Supermine coordinates show location at (218:755)
startx = 218
starty = 755

Unchecked Nearby as my Alliance Supermine is 1 swipe away (not visible immediately).