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We make it easy for you to run your bots from any device. Windows PC users can download and run it directly from their computer. The Mobile Plan allows you to connect with any device, including phones!




FREE Forever
  • Basic Actions
  • 2 Hour Sessions
  • Rotate Accounts Mode
  • Up to 5 Accounts
  • Single Game at Once
  • PC Must Be On to Run
  • No Credit Card Required


$ 49
Per Month
  • Premium Actions
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Multi-Instance Mode
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Multiple Games at Once
  • PC Must Be On to Run
  • Lifetime Plans Offered


$ 99
Per Month
  • Premium Actions
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Multi-Instance Mode
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Multiple Games at Once
  • No PC Needed to Run
  • Runs Even When Offline



“Five star rating”


I am so appreciative of the team at GN Bots. Recently I had a need for the customers service to help me and I give them a five star rating. If you are thinking of getting a bot, buy with confidence. These people are reliable and there to assist in being responsive to your needs. Buy with confidence.

John Ottoman

“As expected”


We all expect the same from software – it should work. King of avalon has massive updates, they always change something. Normal software cannot keep up with that but gnbot team does. U get answers in minutes! Minutes! Normally I wait days to get support answers. This team is awesome.

Adrian Lawrence

“I tried this bot”


Had some issues at first, but mostly with the MEMU program it was connecting to. Once that was fixed, it has been smooth sailing. I have 15 farms in Last Shelter and the bot runs through them all multiple times a day, all I need to do is spot check to make sure the farms have enough resource available to do stuff. 

Oliver Thomson





Windows PC users can download the PC Version and run directly from their computer. The Mobile Plan allows you to connect with any device, including Android, iOS and MAC.

With over 1 Million Users and 25 Games Supported Over the Last 7+ Years in Business. We’ve Worked Hard to Earn our Reputation. Our users have trusted us with tens of millions of their farm accounts for years. There is no bot more tested! We don’t use unsafe API injections or memory reading, and our proprietary techniques will keep your accounts undetected. This is why we are known as the safest game bot around. Our full time staff is always ready to help!

With this bot, you can earn hundreds of millions of resources per day. That’s billions and billions of resources per month. If you were to buy that same amount of resources in the game, how much would it cost you? You better be ready to pay them thousands of dollars! Our Pro Plan is much cheaper than in game packs. It’s why so many players choose our bot over buying expensive resources from the game developers. You work hard for your money, so get the most for it!

Did you know that you can sell your game accounts online? Imagine if you had 100 of them! Every day millions of players quit the game and sell their accounts. A simple google search will give you endless platforms to sell from. This bot lets you build, play and manage unlimited accounts. Let’s say you run 100 accounts for 1 month, then decide to sell the accounts. At $100 USD per farm account, you just made $1,000 USD. Imagine what you’d get for 100 stronger accounts!

What is more valuable than money? Your time! To manage hundreds of accounts, imagine how much time you would need to spend in the game. You would have no life, no friends, nothing! This bot saves you time by playing all those accounts for you. You can still have fun playing on your main account, while all your others farm resources for it. Auto transfer those resources and watch your account grow faster than ever, but with the same amount of time put into the game!

We aren’t just a group of kids who code on the weekends or after school. We are a real company, with a full staff and development team. We have an entire support center where you can get help and ask questions. It seems like every week these games release some holiday update, and our team is there pumping out our counter updates within hours. Your hard-earned dollars ensure this bot is always functional and the most advanced bot on the market. That’s a guarantee!

Yes! The Basic Plan, is 100% free to download and use forever. It has a few basic actions that you can try out to make sure it works before upgrading to the Pro Plan.

The Mobile Plan runs on a high performance bot server instead of your computer.  These cloud servers are extremely expensive for us to rent for you, so thats why we can’t offer a free version for it. We’d go bankrupt!

There is no limit on the number of accounts you can use, as long as your PC’s storage space is capable of supporting it. We have users running 300+ farm accounts.


With no extra cost or account limits, you can always add unlimited accounts working in rotation mode or run multiple at once.


There is no limit on the number of accounts you can run at once, as long as your PC’s CPU is capable of supporting it. On the Bot Server, we dont recommend going above 4 as it will slow things down. You’d only need 4 if you had over 200 accounts in rotation anyway. Most users only run 1-3!



PC Versions may only be bound to 1 PC at a time. You can unbind and switch between computers as needed.


Mobile Version can be managed from multiple devices at the same time as it runs on the cloud.

You can cancel your automatic billing from your Subscription Tab in the My Account dashboard at any time. Cancelling is quick, easy and hassle free. Just click “cancel”.


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