Evony Kings Return Bot
for Android, iOS, & PC

Evony TKR Bot

Our Evony Kings Return Bot is a safe and super powerful evony bot that auto farms unlimited game accounts on Android, iPhone, MAC & PC.

“The best bot for evony tkr and even better support! It’s easy to see why they have so many users.” ★★★★★ – Jake R.

Evony Bot 1


Our Evony the King Returns Bot is Free to Download on PC, or sign up for the Mobile Version to run the evony bot on your Android or iOS.

This is the famous evony bot that you see players using to auto play accounts in Evony TKR, and its completely free to try. There are thousands of users running it at this very moment, and we know you'll love it too!

With 1+ Million Users and 30 Games Supported Over the Last 8 Years in Business, We've Created the Most Used Mobile Game Bots of all Time!

“I’ve been using this evony tkr bot for years. Its the best investment you can make for your farms” ★★★★★ – Dan M.

Evony Bot 2


Auto Join Rallies is just one of the many features our evony rally bot has to offer. Launch Rallies 24/7, even while you're away!

The amount of resource gathering our evony bot does per day would cost you a fortune if purchased in game. Now you can earn the same amount of resources for a much lower cost.

Our Auto Join Rallies and Auto Kill Monsters feature helps you maintain hundreds of farms, on multiple instances, running at the same time.

500+ 5 STAR

4.7 Stars Rated “Excellent”

“The evony bot is a huge time saver”


Such a relief! I use the mobile version to run all of my farms. You can imagine how much work I don’t have to do now when the bot plays all these farms for me instead. I’m never going back to manual farming again.

Dave L.

“The best bot for evony tkr”


I hate farming but its been a necessary thing in game until I found this evonybot. I got my 18 farms running quickly and have added 14 new bases since then. I now leave them all to the bot. It gathers all of my resources for me.

Samantha K.

“evony auto rally bot”


Auto launching rallies with this evony bot is by far the best way to stay competitive without breaking the bank.  I have limited time to play between work and family, so doing it automatically is a no brainer. The monster killing is nice too.

Hank D.


Auto Join Rallies, Hunt Monsters, Gather & More!

Actions Actions Actions
Join Rallies Gather Resources Hunt Monsters
Truce Agreement Viking Share Monster
Heal Troops Train Troops Alliance Store
Triumphal Arch Upgrade Buildings Buffs
Mysterious Puzzle Productions Blackmarket
Taxes Quest Rewards Server Gift
Fortune Levy Daily Gift
Alliance Science Alliance Treasure Alliance Help
Daily Activity Subordinate Patrol
Recruitment Monthly Card Offer
Revive Hero Champion Great Chest
Recall Deserter VIP Login Reward
Lucky Apple Research Alliance Gifts
Mail Rewards Resources Transfer Repair Wall
Alliance Gather Use Items Relics
Research Factory Multi Instance and more!


Evony: The King’s Return Bot