Restart Your Device

The first thing to always try when you run into any kind of issues or trouble with your bot is to Restart your PC / Server. If the issue remains, please continue with other troubleshooting steps.

Missing Options in Actions

If you experience Issues with Actions not displaying options, uncheck the action, close the account settings window and reopen. You should see the Options afterwards. It’s usually an issue with stored settings not matching actual setting options.

Disable Windows Defender & Anti-Virus

The most common trouble is that you have issues with Windows Defender and Anti-Virus. The Windows Defender is automatically activated back after for example a PC restart. The best way to solve the issue is to completely Disable Windows Defender and uninstall your Anti-Virus.

The reason why the Bot and the Anti-Virus isn’t compatible is because the Bot uses Auto Functions, meaning that the Bot performs actions without the computers mouse or keyboard being active. This is the whole point of having the Bot, that it should be able to perform actions without us, so the Bot is playing the game for us.

Some Anti-Viruses see Auto Functions on a computer as a threat and will therefore stop the Bots actions. The reason for this is that there are for example Trojans that are real threats to your computer that use similar techniques with Auto Functions in harmful purposes. The software we provide is 100 % safe. Due to using the Auto Functions will you maybe need to disable the Anti-Virus, Windows Defender and your Firewall to be able to download and run the Bot correctly.

The security of our users is our top priority along with providing the best Bot possible. We have therefore had our software tested independently by several security analysts, all for the safety of our users. The analysts have found the software completely safe and free from malware. If you run into trouble with your PCs security due to using the software and you don’t feel comfortable with disable it, please delete the Software.

There are some Anti-Viruses listed below that we know by experience will not allow any Auto Function software and therefore will need to be removed, since they will continue to block the Bots functions even if they are turned off.

The following Anti-Viruses is needed to completely delete and uninstall to run the Bot:

  • Norton
  • McAfee
  • Trend Micro
  • Avast

If you want to talk to people who have used the software to get extra confirmation that it’s a safe thing to do, please join us in the live chat.

MEmu & Game Language Not In English

The Bot require that the language in both the game and the MEmu is set to English. All the Functions of the Bot depend on it. The bot only speak english!

The way to ensure that you get MEmu to English is at installation. When you download it, make sure to do it as an administrator, by right click on the file and choose Run as administrator



Wrong MEmu Settings

The settings at the tab General that we adjust is the Performance, the Frame Rate and the Graphics. The Performance is recommended to use Middle (CPU:2 RAM:2048MB). The Frame Rate differ along different games, but if you experience troubles try to adjust it from 60 FPS to 10 FPS. The Graphics have had best effect on OpenGL.

You also need to go to the tab called Others and adjust the Cache Policy to Stability.


Overloading your Computer

In theory is there no limit on the number of sessions the bot can run of MEmu instances, however will your PC’s hardware resources limit it for you, cause it’s what it is capable to support that determine the actual number limit. Especially the memory size can be needed to keep an eye on.

Check your Task Manager and make sure that you are not hitting anywhere near 100 % CPU or RAM. The Task Manager is opened by using Ctrl + Shift + Esc, another way to open it is by using Ctrl + Alt + Delete, and then click Task Manager and the last way is to right-click on an empty area of your taskbar, and click Task Manager.

To overload your PC with too many sessions will cause freezing, stop errors and other problems. Start with 1 session and increase it slowly to see your PC’s ability. If your PC isn’t strong enough to run multiple sessions can you still have unlimited accounts rotating on 1 session.


Increase MEmu Performance

MEmu App Player will have better performance if hardware virtualization (aka Intel-VT or AMD-V) is enabled on your computer. Most of mainstream Intel and AMD CPUs support this feature.

View the Step by Step Guide


Outdated Graphic Drivers and .NET Framework

Ensure that you have the latest available .NET framework.

Ensure that your Graphic Drivers are up to date.


Trying to run Bot from the .Zip file

It is not possible to run the file directly from the .zip file. It is required that you first choose to Extract all files to your PC, preferably to a fresh folder.