Gather Resources

The Gather Resources Action is used to Auto Gather Resources.  This action tells the bot to search for plots to farm within the world map.  It will use your inputted settings to send marches out in an effort to bring resources back to your account.

There are many games using this Action.  While many of the games use the same values, your options may be different depending on the game you play.  Only use what is relevant.


Editing Actions

Open the bot and click the Accounts Tab

Double click the Account or click Edit to adjust Actions


Editing Gather Resources Action

Check the box to enable the action, then click baseGatherResources to edit options.



Input a single digit number to adjust the minimum level of the plot you want the bot to farm.


Resources (Wood, Food, Stone, Gold, Etc.)

Check the box next to the Resources you wish the bot to gather.  We suggest that you only select 2 choices at most.  See the “Make the Bot Run Faster” guide for more explanation.

VIP (Only certain games)

Check the box next to VIP to have the bot use your VIP perk to speed up gathering.



Input a single digit number to adjust the number of marches you want the bot to send out.



Input a number between 10 and 50 to adjust the maximum swipes the bot should do away from your castle while searching for a resource plot.  10 is close, 50 is far.


Move Up, Right, Down, Left

Check the box next to the direction you would like the bot to swipe while searching.  You want to select the direction of the most resource plots available.

Example:  If water is to your left, select moveRight.