Beware of Fake GnBots Crack Scams!

The fastest way to get your game accounts stolen is by using one of these fake “cracks”. Most are keyloggers, some are trojans and viruses, some are just adware designed to mine bitcoin in the background. All are a risk to you, your computer and your main game account.  Downloading a fake GnBots crack will install a virus or keylogger onto your computer in order to steal your game accounts. Don’t believe it? Scan them for yourself.  People have been trying to steal our customers accounts for years.  Don’t get scammed!

Hopefully we reached you before you installed a fake crack (virus) on your computer. 

If not, you need quickly scan your computer to remove these scammers infected files.

GnBots Crack Program

At GnBots, we take privacy and security of our users very seriously. As such, we encourage all users to participate in our open GnBots crack program, which incentives crackers and hackers alike to find, disclose, and help us fix security vulnerabilities. As with many crack programs out there, GnBots has a fairly straightforward and simple set of rules that help protect both us and those looking to disclose these cracks. Thanks for participating and happy cracking!

Report a GnBots Crack

  • GnBots will not take legal action against users for disclosing cracks as instructed here.
  • Crack reports will always be responded to as fast as possible—usually within 24 hours.
  • We will provide a full write-up of steps we’ve taken to resolve any crack vulnerabilities you reported.

Rules when Cracking GnBots

  • Only use and test the GnBots crack on accounts and servers you directly own. Testing should never affect other users.
  • Don’t perform any actions that could harm the reliability or integrity of our services and data. Some examples of harmful activities that are not permitted under this bounty include: brute forcing, denial of service (DoS), spamming, timing attacks, etc. These types of attacks will result in an IP ban.
  • No information about issues found should be publicly disclosed or shared until we’ve completed our investigation and resolution.
  • Testing should be limited to sites and services that GnBots directly operates. We will not accept reports for third-party services or providers that integrate with GnBots through our APIs.
  • Don’t use scanners or automated tools to find vulnerabilities.
  • Social engineering, phishing, or physical attacks are not permitted under the program.