The GNTool will help to keep your computer and Bot Server stable, as its made to restart the bot completely every X minutes. The last account and action gets saved, so it will continue where it stopped. That will avoid any errors caused by Memu and free up your system resources.

The paths and commands are pre-set, no *need to change them

*That only affects Server users, on your PC you need to change the path

Restart every: Enter the time how often the bot should get restarted

Waiting Time: How long the GNTool waits till it starts the bot again

We recommend atleast 60 seconds


More useful features

You can Export and Import your Profiles (Actions) to your Desktop, we recommend doing that every now and then incase they get corrupted


Create a support ticket

Create a support ticket directly from your Bot Server incase you need help with anything



If you get a UAC-Prompt

You can use the function „Disable UAC“ and reboot the Computer afterwards