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Guns of Glory on PC

GoGbot is a Guns of Glory bot that automates 50+ actions in game like auto train troops, gather resources, complete catacombs, shield city, and more! You can download it free on PC or sign up for the mobile version.


We update regularly and have hundreds of thousands of users running gogbot at this very moment. This is the most advanced Guns of Glory bot on the market, but dont take our word for it. Try it yourself for free!

Android / ios / pc / MAC

Guns of Glory on Mobile

You can also use the Guns of glory bot on Android, iOS, and MAC!  The Mobile Plan includes everything you will need to run gogbot on Mobile Devices like Android or iPhones.  You can add unlimited gog accounts the same as you would with the PC Version. 


The only difference with this mobile plan is that it runs on a high performance Bot Server that you can manage from any device, instead of it running on your own computer. With this version, your PC does not need to be on or connected as the bot runs from the cloud server!


Our 100k+ Users Auto Farm with 50+ Actions Over the Last 5+ Years in Business.


You Get All of This and More!

✅ Available Free on PC
✅ Run on Android & iOS
✅ Unlimited GoG Accounts
✅ Multi-Instance Mode
✅ Rotate Accounts Mode
✅ Works with MEmu & NOX
✅ Auto Farm 24/7 * 365
✅ Fast & Easy Setup
✅ Full Support Center

✅ Royal Expedition
✅ Airship Trader
✅ Alliance Support
✅ Alliance Fort
✅ Alliance Gather
✅ Shield City
✅ Complete Catacombs
✅ Catacombs Trader
✅ Daily Activities

✅ Collect Estate
✅ Gather Resources
✅ Treasure Guard
✅ Auto Heal
✅ Musketeer
✅ Productions
✅ Train Troops
✅ Research
✅ Sanctuary

✅ Spirit Mine
✅ Spirit Trader
✅ Use Talents
✅ Ally Trade
✅ Uncharted Seas
✅ Upgrade Buildings
✅ Deposit Vault
✅ Repair Wall
✅ Mail Rewards


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Guns of Glory Bot Actions


How to Cheat Guns of Glory

This is the only real and working cheat for guns of glory as it auto plays for you while you are away. Whether you want to run one account, or hundreds of accounts, this Guns of Glory cheat will work for you. Imagine if you had time to play the game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without sleeping or taking a break. This cheat performs all of your daily tasks and ensures your gog accounts are always running.


Remember, this amount of farming per day would cost you a fortune if purchased in game. This GoG cheat will earn you the same amount of in game resources for a fraction of the cost with us – Its a real cheat!


How to Hack Guns of Glory

This is the closest thing to a real guns of glory hack that exists. If you’ve been searching the internet for “gog hacks” for a while, chances are you have already been tricked by the fake websites pretending to offer hacks and cheats in exchange for your survey. 


Those fake sites dont really have a hack and only want you to fill out their forms so they get paid.  This is not one of those fake sites! Your download will start immediately with no surveys or fake ads.

Guns of Glory Bot Features


Get the Only Real Guns of Glory Hack Now!


Here’s What Our Users Love About GoGbot.

“The best guns of glory bot”


This guns of glory bot is easy to setup and use. I currently have 28 farms and plan to add some more here soon. I started out on the basic plan and ran that for a few days before upgrading to the lifetime license. Support is active and Bonnie in live chat helped me out when I was stuck. I will be here for life on my plan!

Ramiro Jimenez

“Using gogbot to hack”


I found this bot when I was searching for a gog hack, so it was a sigh of relief to find a cheat that actually works.  Its not like you’d expect since it doesnt actually change your resource levels or anything.  It just plays for you all the time on mini accounts and then you transfer those resources to your main.

Elijah Haney

“Cheating guns of glory”


Ok I will admit, I use this bot to cheat in guns of glory, but so do the chinese. Its not fair that they get better priced packs simply because of their location. So I took matters into my own hands and now I make just as many resources for the same cost.  When the devs start playing fair, then maybe I will also. 

Steffan Wilkerson



We know that you may have questions about the gogbot, how it works, and what you can and cannot do, so here’s a small list of the most common questions we get asked about our guns of glory bot.

If you have any further questions, just Create a Community Post and we will get it answered!

Yes! This Gog Bot is a 100% real and working auto farm bot for guns of glory.  But don’t take our word for it! Read our 5 star reviews from hundreds of others on TrustPilot.

There is no limit on the number of accounts you can use, as long as your PC’s storage space is capable of supporting it. We have users running 300+ farm accounts.


With no extra cost or account limits, you can always add unlimited accounts working in rotation mode or run multiple at once.

Yes! The Mobile Plan runs on a high performance bot server instead of your computer.  You can manage this could server with any device like Android, iOS, MAC or PC.

Yes! The Basic Plan, is 100% free to download and use forever. It has basic actions that you can try out on your PC before deciding if you’d like to upgrade or not.

Yes! it is safe and currently running on tens of thousands of devices at this very moment.


We take the security of our users very seriously. This software has been independently tested by several security analysts and found to be completely safe and malware free. 


Be sure to join us in the community where thousands of us are discussing the bot and how it has worked for 7+ years.


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