Push Notifications

It is possible to receive notifications from the bot from an app named Pusha. This app comes with a free 7 days trial and will after that period work as a subscription that cost 1.99 $ per month. To be able to get it is the first step to download the app to your phone. Go to AppStore or Google Play Store and search for pusha.



Install Pusha.

Open the application.


When you open the application will you be at this screen. Create an account or choose to sign in with Google or Facebook. Login.


 Press the settings symbol.


Go to Tokens


In the Tokens menu press the + to create a new Token for the bot.


Decide what you like to name the Token that you use for the bot and press create.


This take you back to the start page where you can press the new created Token to copy it.

Open the bot and go to the Extras tab. Here are the settings for Pusha.


Paste your token into the box saying API Key and tick the Phone Notifications. Press the Test button to make sure all is working.

If it isn’t check if you have any update for the Pusha app and try to log out and log back in. Then try the Test button again.