If you can’t get it working, we will connect to your bot and solve the issue for you. Guaranteed!

✔ Use with Android, iOS, MAC & PC
✔ No Downloads or Installs Required
✔ Manage Unlimited Game Accounts
✔ Fast & Easy Setup with No Surveys
✔ 24/7 Live Chat Support
✔ Satisfaction Guaranteed


Still Buying Resources from the Game?
Here’s why you are losing money every day…

👎 In Game Resources are Expensive

The game charges you a ton of money for resources in hopes that you won’t take the time to gather them yourself.  Our bot generates the same amount of resources for 90% less money on its own!


👎 In Game Resources are Limited

Once you buy the resources and spend them, they are gone forever. You have to buy more and more as you upgrade.  With our bot, you can earn unlimited resources all day, every day, forever!



“the easiest and most user friendly bot”

I chose GnBots because it was the easiest and most user friendly bot.  I’ve been looking for something like this for ages and it works perfectly for my alliance. I manage over 100 of accounts! – Mark T


One bot for multiple games.
One l
icense key works for them all!

Last Shelter Survival
✔ Lords Mobile
✔ King of Avalon
✔ Guns of Glory
✔ Rise of Kingdoms
✔ ROK: Korean Version

✔ ROK: Japanese Version
✔ Clash of Kings
✔ Clash of Kings: The West
✔ Last Empire War Z
✔ Mobile Royale
✔ Rise of Civilizations
✔ Rise of Empires
✔ March of Empires

✔ Rise of the Kings
✔ War and Order
✔ Battle Warship
✔ Army Men Strike
✔ Iron Throne
✔ Zday Hearts of Heroes
✔ Conquerors Golden Age
✔ Revenge of Sultans
✔ Star Trek Fleet Command
✔ GOT: Conquest
✔ Clash of Empires
✔ Sea Game
✔ State of Survival
✔ Mafia City


We don’t charge extra for accounts nor do we limit the number you can use.  We have players using the bot for over 300 game accounts! The more you have, the more resources you will earn.  It’s truly unlimited.

One license key works for all accounts!

“302 farms and growing!”

Yes you heard that right.  I currently have 302 farm accounts running in my kingdom and continue to keep adding more.  If it wasnt for GnBots there is absolutely no way I could manage them all. – Chris D




“Never seen a bot as simple to use”

“Ive ran tons of bots over the years, (from WoW to Lords Mobile) and never seen a bot as simple to use & effective as GnBots.  If you spend money in the game, save yourself some money and get this tool.” – Rhan K


GnBots runs on hundreds of thousands of devices today and our chat is full of satisfied customers. This puts us in a position to offer you a full satisfaction guarantee. If you have issues getting our software to work correctly, we will connect to your bot and solve the problem for you. It’s the relationship and your satisfaction that matters to us. We will always be here to help!


How many accounts can I use?

There is no limit on the number of accounts you can use.  You can continue to add more and more until eventually your server will run out of storage space.  We have users running over 300 accounts successfully.

What do I receive after purchasing?

You will get a full access license key and a username and password to connect to the online server (where the bot runs). You simply connect to the server from your Android, iOS, MAC or PC to make changes and start the bot.

Does my phone need to always be on?

No, the bot runs from an online server so you can connect and disconnect from it as you please. The bot will continue to run from the server on its own. You can start and stop the bot at any time.

How do I get help?

You can simply join us in live chat and speak directly to the developers themselves!

Is this mobile version difficult to use?

It’s very easy! Everything you need comes pre-installed and set up on the server. You just need to connect with the username / password you receive after purchase and add your gmail accounts. It’s as easy as adding a gmail to your phone.

What if I cant get it working?

We have a live chat with over 16,000 members and a full stay ready to help you get the bot working correctly.  If you still can’t get it working, we can connect to your server and solve the problem for you.


“I pay them $20 to make over $3,000 worth of in game resources.  This bot has saved me a fortune. Worth every penny and highly recommended!” – Sammy Q.