This tutorial will guide you through the setup process.  Please read every step carefully as most is required for it to work correctly.


After purchasing the Mobile Version (Bot Server) you will be emailed a license key and your IP, Username and Password.

Connect to the Bot Server using Android, iOS, MAC or PC below.



Go to your Bot Server desktop and open the icon called “Multi-MEmu“.

The Multiple Instance Manager (Multi-MEmu) is where you will create and manage all of your accounts.  Whatever is shown here will also show in the bots Account tab.

Click New in the bottom right corner of Multi-MEmu.

Select Android 5.1

You have now created 1 Farm Account.

You will need to repeat this process for each farm account you have.

Each instance represents 1 phone.  If you have 10 instances, thats like having 10 phones and each one will have a separate Gmail connected to Game Account.

Click the small square pencil to the right of your account to Rename It.

Type a Name and only use A-Z and 0-9. (No Special Characters).

Each Instance Name must be different. (Don’t use the same names).

Press the Start button next to the instance.

When MEmu eventually asks you to Add the Google Account, you will need to enter the GMAIL associated with the Games Farm Account.

If you get any sort of Google Communication errors, press the Skip button and perform STEP 6 first.  Then you can go to Settings within MEmu and add the google account there.


Type Google Play Games in the search bar and press Enter.

Click the UPDATE button and let the update installation finish.

Once it is completed press the arrow back icon in the lower right corner.

Open the MENU to open Play Store Menu.


Open Auto-update apps and choose the option Don’t auto-update apps.


The next step is to open and adjust The MEmu settings.

Press the Gear icon to the right of the account to open System Settings.

Under the the Engine tab

Set Performance to “Medium”
Set the Render Mode to “DirectX”.

Switch to the Display tab

Set Anti-Flickering toggle to OFF

Switch to the Storage tab

Set Cache Policy to “Stability”

Switch to the Profile tab

Change the Device Model to SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 Edge

Set the Telecom Operator to United States / Verizon Wireless

Generate a random phone number

Generate a random IMEI

This will ensure all of your instances (phones) are different.

Switch to the Network tab

Click Generate on WIFI hotspot & Mac Address buttons

Switch to the Device tab

Set Audio Driver to Disabled 

Switch to the Preferences tab

Change Language to “English”

Change Sleep Options to “Keep screen awake”

Change Exit options to “Exit directly”

Click OK to save.


Open the GnLauncher on the desktop.

It’s important that you download the same game version that the bot uses in case they have added or changed images.  This APK downloader ensures you are on the right version and makes it easy to auto install on all instances at once.

Press Download on APK Version at the Main tab. Wait for the download to complete.

Mark the Accounts where you want to download the game and press Install App.

(Click Ctrl + A to select All Accounts)

Let the bot one by one open the accounts and download the game until all are finished.

You’ve now Auto Installed the Game on each Instance.



Open your MEmu instance (Farm Account)

Click the Game icon in MEmu to start the game.

When the game opens it should show a new game account (Level 1).

In most of the games you can skip the tutorial to access your Game Account Profile.

In the game, go into Account > Switch / Bind / Login via Gmail Account

This will now load your real game account that is bound to that gmail.

For our bots to work correctly, you need to go into each of your accounts and change your game LANGUAGE to ENGLISH

This guide is nearly the same for all games.

Profile > Settings > Language > English

Login to your account and click your profile image on the top left corner

Click the Settings (Gears Icon) on the right bottom corner

Click the Language icon

Select English as your default game language

Close the game and login to your account again.Verify the game is now in English

Repeat these steps for all of your accounts

Your Accounts must also be Castle (Stronghold) Level 5 or Higher.

Many games require specific game settings to be turned off (Such as 3D Graphics) – Check if your game is listed and set them accordingly below.



Open the GnLauncher and go to Actions which tells the bot what to do.

It’s important to understand how this bot works…

After clicking Start, the bot will open Account 1, perform the actions within the game, close Account 1, and open Account 2, it will then repeat this process through all of your accounts.

By increasing Sessions, you are telling the bot to increase this process.

For example, 1 session can rotate through 300+ accounts.  If you increase Sessions to 2, you are telling the bot to rotate through 300 accounts with 2 open at the same time.  So 2 Sessions, each doing 150 accounts.

We recommend using 1 session per 20 accounts, with 4 being the max.

Set the Actions you would like.

All accounts within Multi-MEmu must have Actions set before clicking start.

Actions are what you want the bot to do.  We recommend only selecting Gather or something simple at first to ensure it works correctly. Then add more after.

There are many optional bot settings, and our guides explain each of them in detail.

View our Guides below for more detailed explanations.

How to Use Multiple Accounts & Sessions
General Tab & Settings
How to Auto Gather Resources


Once you have everything setup, click START in the bot.

It should open your 1st instance and begin performing the actions you’ve chosen.

It has built in Randomization Techniques and Anti Ban technology.

It will do random things in order to seem more authentic.

Don’t panic if it doesn’t look perfect, however it should do all tasks within a reasonable amount of time.

If it seems slow, review the Speed Up Guide to make it faster.

If it doesn’t seem to be working, review STEP 7 as your Game Settings are most likely incorrect.

This bot works great when setup correctly.  If it doesn’t seem to work for you, please Join Us in Live Chat where we have 18,000+ members and a full staff to help!

Enjoy and as always, thank you for your support.  Happy Botting!