How to Use Unlimited Accounts

After install, there will be two MEmu shortcuts on your desktop.
1. MEmu (Opens the main instance)
2. Multi-MEmu (Allows you to manage all of your instances)

To add multiple accounts and run multiple sessions simultaneously, we need to add and setup the accounts in Multi-MEmu first.

How to Add Accounts in Multi-MEmu

Double click the Multi-MEmu shortcut on your Desktop

Click the New button to create several instances of MEmu (accounts)

Each one of these instances will represent 1 account in the bot. 

Changes you make here will also appear in the bot “Accounts” tab.

How to Use Multi-MEmu

There are a number of features that Multi-MEmu allows like Batch Create for adding many accounts at once.

You can also Start, Delete, and Rename instances as you like.

Each of these instances represents a single account (game account) loaded onto a phone.  For example, if you have 4 instances, you essentially have 4 phones with 4 different game accounts the bot can open at once (sessions) or rotate between.

How to Use Sessions

There is a big difference between Sessions and Accounts – It’s important that you understand how these work as your bot will not work if these are set incorrectly. 1 Session can run unlimited accounts.

Sessions are how many accounts that you want to run at once.

1 session can run unlimited accounts.  The bot will open account 1, perform the actions, close account 1 and open account 2 etc.

For example, If I had 30 accounts on my bot, I would set my sessions to 2.  This would mean that the bot would run 15 accounts on 1 session, and the other 15 accounts on the 2nd session.

We recommend using 1 session per 20 accounts.

Don’t raise Sessions past 4.  Each session requires more PC resources and will freeze your system.

Once again, you can run 300+ accounts with just 1 session if you like.

Ultimately the number of sessions you can support depends on your PC’s hardware and memory size.

Keep an eye on your CPU & Memory.