This tutorial will guide you through the installation process.  Please read every step carefully as most is required for it to work correctly.


Download the Bot for Free Here

Once it finishes, open the Zip file and extract all to your PC Desktop.

Open the GnLauncher Folder and run the GnLauncher.exe

Press the name of the bot you want to use. This will open a window where you can Register your License Key or choose to Activate Free Trial.

If your Free Trial says Expired – Turn off your Anti Virus / Windows Defender that is blocking the connection to the key server.



Download MEmu 6.2.1


Once its downloaded onto your PC, open MEmu to start the installation.

Once MEmu opens, click Custom and ensure that the language is set to English.

Select the checkbox to Accept the User Agreement.

Then click the green Install button start the installation.

You will then have an icon for MEmu and an icon for Multi-MEmu on your desktop.

If you get an error while installing, see the guide below.

Having Trouble Installing MEmu?

If you are having issues download, installing or starting MEmu, or really any software for that matter – it’s usually due to your Anti Virus or Windows Defender blocking the connection.  Some anti viruses won’t allow emulators or auto software from working – even if you turn them off or add them to the exception list. 


  1. Failed to start at beginning,
    • or Windows OS crash or power failure breaks your MEmu disk image.
    • [Solution: Create a new MEmu instance with Multi-MEmu]
    • or Anti-virus software like AVAST blocks a certain file in MEmu by mistake.[Solution: Disable anti-virus software and create a new MEmu with Multi-MEmu]
    • or Installation process is not fully completed due to restricted environment or anti-virus software.[Solution: Re-install as Admin or disable anti-virus software]
  2. Stuck at 59% loading page,
    • Your graphics card or your graphics card driver is out-of-date.[Solution: Update graphics driver or upgrade graphics card.
    • Hardware virtualization (VT) is not enabled or Conflict with 3rd-party software.[SolutionEnable VT or solve VT conflict]
  3. Stuck at 99% loading page,
    • You have installed too many apps/games or your hardware virtualization (VT) is not enabled or supported or your hardware spec is too low.[Solution: Simply restart, wait a little bit longer, enable VT or upgrade your machine]
    • or Windows OS crash or power failure make some data file in MEmu VM broken.[Solution: Close MEmu VM and restart again or create a new MEmu VM with Mutli-MEmu]
    • or your graphics card or drivers is out-of-date[Solution: Update your graphic card or driver]
  4. Stuck at 100% loading page,
    • Your anti-virus software like Norton blocks Android boot-up.[Solution: Disable your Anti Virus or create a new MEmu instance with Mutli-MEmu ]
  5. Stuck at Android Home with a popup of “MEmu is starting”, 
    • Inter-process deadlock due to network socket.[Solution: run “netsh winsock reset” in Windows command line and reboot as it requests]


Go to your PC desktop and open the icon called “Multi-MEmu“.

The Multiple Instance Manager (Multi-MEmu) is where you will create and manage all of your accounts.

Click Create in the bottom right corner of Multi-MEmu.

Select Android 5.1(Default)

You have now created 1 Farm Account.

You will need to repeat this process for each farm account you have.


Click the small square pencil to the right of your account to Rename It.

Type a Name and only use A-Z and 0-9. (No Special Characters).

Each Instance Name must be different. (Don’t use the same names).

Press the Start button next to the instance.

When MEmu eventually asks you to Add the Google Account, you will need to enter the GMAIL associated with the Games Farm Account.


Type Google Play Games in the search bar and press Enter.

Press the button UPDATE and let the update installation finish.

Once it is completed press the arrow back icon in the lower right corner.


The next step is to open and adjust The MEmu settings. Press the Gear symbol at the right side to open the System Settings.

Set Performance to “Middle”
Set the Graphics to “DirectX”.

Switch to the Others tab

Set Cache Policy to “Stability”
Click Save and choose the option to Restart Now.


Press Download on APK Version at the Main tab. Wait for the download to complete.

Mark the Accounts where you want to download the game and press Install App.

(Click Ctrl + A to select All Accounts)

Let the bot one by one open the accounts and download the game until all are finished.

You’ve now Auto Installed the Game on each Instance.





Click the Game icon in MEmu to start the game.

For our bots to work correctly, you need to go into each of your accounts and change your game LANGUAGE to ENGLISH

This guide is nearly the same for all games.

Profile > Settings > Language > English

Login to your account and click your profile image on the top left corner

Click the Settings (Gears Icon) on the right bottom corner

Click the Language icon

Select English as your default game language

Close the game and login to your account again.Verify the game is now in English

Repeat these steps for all of your accounts

Your Accounts must also be Castle (Stronghold) Level 5 or Higher.

Then Change your Game Settings. (Click Here to Find Your Game Settings).


Open the GnLauncher and go to Actions which tells the bot what to do.

It’s important to understand how this bot works…

After clicking Start, the bot will open Account 1, perform the actions within the game, close Account 1, and open Account 2, it will then repeat this process through all of your accounts.

By increasing Sessions, you are telling the bot to increase this process.

For example, 1 session can rotate through 300+ accounts.  If you increase Sessions to 2, you are telling the bot to rotate through 300 accounts with 2 open at the same time.  So 2 Sessions, each doing 150 accounts.

We recommend using 1 session per 20 accounts, with 4 being the max.

Set the Actions you would like.

There are many optional bot settings, and our guides explain each of them in detail.  View our Guides below for more detailed explanations.

How to Use Sessions
General Tab & Settings
Actions & Features


Watch the bot and see how it does.

It  has built in Randomization Techniques and Anti Ban technology.

It will do random things in order to seem more authentic.

Don’t panic if it doesn’t look perfect, however it should do all tasks within a reasonable amount of time.

If it seems Slow, review the Speed Up Guide to make it faster.

If it doesn’t seem to be working, review STEP 9 as your Game Settings are most likely incorrect.

Join Us in Live Chat where we have 10,000+ members and a full staff to help!

Enjoy and as always, thank you for your support.  Happy Botting!