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With over 1 Million Users and 25 Games Supported Over the Last 7+ Years in Business. We’ve Worked Hard to Create the Safest Game Bot Around. Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers! Read Below.


Important! Read Before Starting Your Download.

This software is safe, however some anti virus systems do not allow any auto programs to be downloaded. While most anti viruses know us to be safe by now, some may flag it as potentially malicious.


If you find that the bot is being deleted after download, or the software will not open, you may need to add it as an exclusion on your anti virus / firewall / windows defender – or disable them completely.


We take the security of our users very seriously. This software has been independently tested by several security analysts and found to be completely safe and malware free. If you dont feel comfortable with steps above, you may purchase a Bot Server instead which runs on the cloud.

Still skeptical? We completely understand. Check out the community where thousands of us are discussing the bot and how it has worked on our computers for the last 7+ years. Then come back and download later!

You must be on PC to download

This is real software, with real support from a real company.  If you’ve been looking for a “hack” or “cheat” for a while, chances are you have already been tricked by the fake survey sites pretending to offer software.  Those fake sites dont really have a download and only want you to fill out their forms so they get paid. This is not one of those sites. Your download will start immediately with no surveys.

This software will not harm your computer.  It is a completely safe image recognition bot that performs automatic actions in game while youre away. There are some anti viruses that dont like that and may flag the bot as “potentially malicious”.  This is just a warning that the program will do things without your input – but you already know that. Its what this bot is designed to do!

This download is for Windows PC only and cannot be downloaded on MAC.  You will need a Bot Server that you can manage from your MacBook instead.

This download is for Windows PC only and cannot be downloaded on your phone.  You will need a Bot Server that you can manage from your phone instead.

If Windows Defender doesn’t let you open the software, follow these steps to turn it off while the bot runs.


From your Windows computer, select Start and type “Windows Security” to search for that app.


Select the Windows Security app from the search results, go to Virus & threat protection, and under Virus & threat protection settings select Manage settings.


Switch Real-time protection to Off.

No worries, lets get you some help!  Please Create a Community Post and explain what is happening.  We will take a look and reply back with a solution quickly.

If you have issues with the installer above, you can try downloading the zip files directly below instead.

Download and Extract Yourself