Use the MEmu sync tool to perform the same actions on multiple accounts at the same time. This is helpful when going through game tutorials to bind many accounts.

Open the instances in MEmu that you want to use the sync tool at. In servers don’t open more then 3-5 at the same time. Open the menu to find the sync tool in one of your open windows.

Open the sync tool.

Press the Play button and the actions you perform in that window will also be executed in the other open windows.

Last Shelter Survival is especially annoying as they don’t have the “skip tutorial” option to complete them easily.  For LSS, use this tip to get through the tutorial as fast as possible.

With this trick, you only need to complete the tutorial to the Power Plant stage instead of going all the way to the end.

We know this can get annoying, but please understand that these are game restrictions and unfortunately, required by them to set up new instances.