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With the increase in mobile popularity, a new successful business model has arisen for playing these mobile games on the computer. We have taken it one step further by also automating many of the games processes. Most of the developers associated with Goodnight Bots have led the charge in automation technology for years. In this time we have established life long relationships with our customers, see what they think or send us your own!

War and Order
Just click start. It doesn't get any easier than that!
War and Order
I have 8 accounts and this is the only way I could possibly manage them all.
Lords Mobile
The dev's are very nice and willing to help with anything. Teamviewer support is great.
Clash of Clans
Maxed walls in 1 month of using ClashAuto. It works, no doubt.
War and Order
Thank you for this. I cant even play in my area without it! Too many farms lol
King of Avalon
Slayin chinese at work. Thats what im talkn about! Good stuff my friend.
War and Order
This is the best War and Order hack around, and iv'e tried a lot of them lol
Clash of Kings
This is the Chinese killer. Boh my son and I love it and are very pleased with the results.
Clash of Clans
I have been using ClashAuto for over a year now. Its worth every penny!
War and Order
I come in the night, I hide in the shadows. Waobot all day everyday.
King of Avalon
I use WaoBot and KoA. Both are great but Koa is a much better game IMO.
King of Avalon
Night Night Bots is perfect for me. I can put the kids down for their nap and keep playing!

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