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How Do I Improve Performance?
Like with every computer, its helpful to restart your Bot Server every couple days to free up resources.

For best performance, use the Restart Icon on your Desktop once a day or so. This will keep issues to a minimum.
Where Is My Server Login?
Your server login will be set up and sent within 12 hours. Please do not submit a ticket if it has been under that time.

Once sent, your login can be found in My Account > Subscription and in your email used at checkout.

Authentication Error (CredSSP)?
CredSSP is a known issue that Microsoft brought in with their latest update.

Use the following fix until Microsoft solves their problem.

1. Download This Fix File
2. Right click the credssp_fix.bat and choose "Run as Administrator"
3. Try connecting to the server again. It should work from now on.
Why Is My Server Slow?
If the server appears to be slow, its usually just a screen delay from the Datacenter to your device.

Depending on your location, it may appear laggy while you use it. This is only an appearance. The bot is actually running at normal speed.
My Server Crashed?
If your server seems to be unreachable when you login, please create a ticket so we can quickly restart it again.

Crashes are usually related to the emulator. To prevent these crashes in the future, use the GnTool shown here.

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