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Complete Auto Farming Service
As requested, we have released our Complete Auto Farming Service in which we will Do Everything For You – to Include Account Setup, Action Setup, Bot Monitoring and more. These packages are best for those who are more concerned with time and effort than cost. If botting seems too complicated, or you just wan’t some help gaining an advantage in game – These options are for you. You can learn more about the Auto Farming Service below. Our goal is to ensure everyone has access to the bots, regardless of your technical abilities. :yellow_heart:

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Giveaway Announcement
Congrats to the Winners of the Holiday License Key Giveaway!  Entries are now open for the January License Key Giveaway. Winners announced here on Feb 1!
Good luck and Happy Botting :ok_hand: HAPPY NEW YEAR :tada: :tada: :tada:

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10% for 10% Affiliate Program
As requested, we have launched an affiliate system in which you can earn cash for referring future friends! Introducing the new 10% FOR 10% PROGRAM
1.  Become an Affiliate
2. Advertise your Coupon
3. Save 10% Get 10%

Your customer gets a 10% discount and you get 10% in cash – Everybody wins! :yellow_heart: You will receive 10% commission on every order for the life of the customer. We payout within 24 hours through PayPal. No minimum sales requirement. It’s fast and easy!

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